Tips to speed up your Mac computer

A Mac computer that lags while using it makes you to feel annoyed and frustrated by it’s performance. There are many reasons that makes a Mac computer to lag and fixing the problems can help you to work on a good speed. If you have a slow computer, you can do some file clean up to delete files that makes it to lag. Instead of buying a new mac computer, you can do some simple procedures that can increase your computer speed to a high performance pace. If you can’t figure out the problem, contact your local Seattle IT Service company.

Tips to speed up your Mac computer

Uninstall old programs from your mac computer
If you have old unused programs that are installed in your computer, delete them to create more space for your hard drive to perform well. Unused programs takes a lot of space and hurt a computer performance by taking up storage that is used to speed up a computer. Sometimes your computer may show you an icon that indicates “you are running out of disk space” . If you don’t uninstall unused programs in your application folder, the computer will become sluggish and will not function properly. To increase good performance and speed on your mac computer, trash all your unused software to create some free space. Not sure if your IT is being run properly? Download this ebook on the 13 signs that show your business is overwhelmed with IT issues.

Another way of speeding up your Mac computer is cleaning up your desktop. In order to reduce the processor burden of processing all icons, shortcuts and files within you desktop, delete unused folders, files and icons from your desktop. It’s not good to fill up your desktop with irrelevant files that you don’t use, always create a folder on your desktop to store images and other files that you frequently use. See more about IT service management here.

If you have performed the above procedures and still find that you Mac PC runs slowly, consider upgrading your hardware with the latest chips from your computer hardware manufacturing company. Increase you mac speed by installing new high speed processor, and integrate it with a new RAM of 2GB and above.

After you have increased your Mac computer speed with one of the above methods, consider installing high performance business apps that will enable you to perform many functions with computer. There are four main free business Mac apps that you should install to your PC to enable you carry out your work with the professionalism of the highest level. See the complete set of tools your local IT service outsourcing company can do for you.

  • Caffeine- this app can be used to make the screen remain on when inactive.
  • Cloud App- Is used to share files with different computers that connected to the internet. Once you have created a download link, send it via email or chat
  • Found- This app can be used to search files, icons and folders in your computer
  • Adium- Is a messaging app that support other programs such as Google hangouts, AOL messenger and Facebook.